You Need a Quick Solution to Better Organize and Access Your Microsoft Dynamics Data and Reports

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Manual Report Sharing is Compromising Data Accuracy

Without a centralized hub to track and manage your reports, you never know which version is right! As reports pass through more hands and multiple copies are taking up space all over your servers, network drives, and local machines - the integrity and accuracy of the data in your reports is constantly questioned.

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Collaboration Across Departments is Impossible

Data silos only ever lead to one-sided, misinformed business decisions. To get the full picture, you need a single place to retrieve the right reports, get the latest dashboards, or control the input of budget numbers. When everyone in the company can access the correct information and actively contribute, business decisions become well-timed and highly profitable.

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Employees Can’t Access the Data They Need

Whether you’re chained to a desk or driving to meet your next customer, you need to be connected to the most up-to-date business information from wherever you are. Without web or mobile access, your employees spend more time and effort manually compiling information instead of taking action.

Never Second Guess Your Dynamics Data Again

Enhance productivity with a report management, collaboration, and scheduling tool designed for Microsoft Dynamics users. It’s easy to use, quick to implement, and a proven time-saver!

Take Control of Report Management, Scheduling, and Online
Cross-Functional Collaboration

Jet Hub is an online web portal that easily integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, and 365 solution.

Make Life Easier on Yourself and Your Employees

Bring together your reports, dashboards, and budgets in a central hub

No more wasted hours hunting down the latest version of a particular report! Jet Hub is a secure web portal that gives your employees access to the data they need, when and where they need it. With controlled spreadsheets, organized workflows, and built-in collaboration, it is proven to enhance productivity company-wide!

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Feel Confident You Are Accessing the Right Report

Get one “truth” with version control management and quick search

Jet Hub delivers a comprehensive report management system with sharing, version control, report permissions, and extensive search capabilities. You can easily find the report you need and know that you are looking at the most accurate and up-to-date numbers.

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Get Full Visibility into Your Data from Any Device

Jet Hub provides productivity from anywhere (with an internet connection)

Easily accessible from any mobile device with a web browser, Jet Hub is designed to improve transparency of your data and help you make faster, smarter decisions. You can easily review, share, publish, and refresh reports, dashboards, and budgets everywhere from the boardroom to an airport!

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No Technical Expertise Required

Jet Hub is simple and quick to install – and doesn’t require a developer

You shouldn’t need an experienced Microsoft Dynamics developer to help you bring together your reports in one central location. Do it yourself with Jet Hub! With a turnkey web portal that’s ready to use, you can be up and running in hours – not weeks or months.

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Jet Hub, Your Web Portal for Total Data Control, Collaboration, and Accuracy


Jet Hub was designed to simplify report management, improve organizational visibility, and enhance productivity. It’s quick to deploy, easy to use, and fully integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Global solutions so you get immediate value from day one.


This isn’t your typical software project – it’s fast to install, easy to learn, and the best option for centralized report management and collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics. With quick time-to-value, Jet Hub is an affordable solution to automate and manage your Jet reports, dashboards, and budgets.


Jet Global offers full online support and resources that are accessible 24/7. You always have access to an extensive knowledge base and online tutorials at your fingertips whenever you have a question or need help with optimizing your solution.

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Customer Bio Rossmore

“After our year-end meeting, I was able to put a report together in 5 minutes and have it distributed to each of our General Managers using Jet Hub. To generate this report, it used to take days – now it only takes 10 minutes.”

Raj Patel Owner at Rossmore Management View Customer Story

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