Reporting Can Monopolize Resources
and Slow Strategic Decision Making

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Dynamics 365 Wasn’t Designed for Data Management and Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics 365 Business Edition) makes ordering, selling, and invoicing easier, but like all ERPs, it isn’t built to get the data out the way you want to look at it. You need to get financial reports today, from multiple dimensions and companies, in the format that works for you.

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When Data is Wrong or Missing, You’re Not Seeing the Whole Picture

The need to manually copy and paste information back and forth to Excel, and massage data to compile financial reports for banks, meetings, and year-end close creates ample opportunity for errors and omissions. The human component means you can’t be confident in accuracy. You need to enable automatic processes that tell the whole story.

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Technical Resources Can Be Difficult to Find

You need to be able to see and provide financial standings at a moments’ notice. You can’t be bottlenecked through on or off-site technical resources. Don’t let a complex reporting environment add unnecessary or expensive barriers to your success. Empower accounting and management staff to build and run accurate reports, quickly, and on their own.

Quickly Build and Run Custom Financial Reports
for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Directly in Excel.

Jet Reports Financials is Available in Microsoft AppSource.

Achieve Instant Success

Customizable financial report templates you can use immediately.

Download in minutes and begin to run financial reports immediately with pre-built, adaptable Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics 365 Business Edition) financial report templates in key areas such as account status, profit and loss, budget to actuals, and more.

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Build Custom Reports in Minutes

Familiar Excel interface and intuitive design experience.

Use easy drag-and-drop report design for any combination of your chart of accounts to instantly see your account balances. Quickly query and combine any Dynamics 365 data to create financial statements in an environment you are already familiar with and know how to use – Excel.

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Real-Time Answers You Can Rely on

Up-to-the-minute data with a click of a button.

Generate timely, accurate financial statements, in the format that works for you, using the same fields and calculations you’re familiar with inside of Excel. The real-time data you need, directly from your Dynamics 365 Business Central database, exactly the way you want it.

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Report and Drilldown from Any Combination of Data

No limitations on companies, accounts, or dimensions.

Jet Reports Financials allows you to include any number and combination of companies, dimensions and accounts in your financial reports. Build your consolidation reports in minutes, get visibility across departments, and create any grouping of accounts – then drill down to see the underlying data behind the numbers to have the answers you need on-demand.

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Fast, Easy and Powerful Financial Reports in the Format You Want

Made for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Jet Reports Financials isn't just a reporting add-on that works with Dynamics 365 Business Central; it was MADE for Dynamics 365 Business Central– we work directly with Microsoft to provide the first and most integrated reporting solution to the market.Tried and tested, Jet Reports works right out of the box.

Get Started Now

Jet Reports Financials is specifically designed to have you up and running in hours (or even less), not weeks or months. Same day download and installation, pre-built templates and an intuitive report creation design means rapid time-to-start. And the well-known Excel interface reduces the time it takes for your organization to maximize productivity.

Access to World-Class Service

We offer full online support and resources, including an extensive knowledge base and online tutorials designed to get you up to speed quickly and encourage user adoption. Our commitment to your success is a priority, and the Jet Reports team is here to help you install and use your solution, whenever you need.

More Than 219,150 Accounting Professionals Rely on Jet for Their Financial Reporting Every Day!

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I now have a systematic follow-up process with Jet Reports. It’s a huge advantage to not have to manually report from Dynamics NAV. Instead, we have a pre-defined set of reports that I can access with a single click.

Joern Kjaer Service Manager at N.P. Trucks View Customer Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Jet Reports Financials is a fast, flexible reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that gives you a simple way to create and run custom, real-time financial reports directly inside of Microsoft Excel.

Any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central user involved in, vested in, or impacted by the financial management and performance of their organization. Jet Reports Financials is so easy and fast to use, everyone from business owners and/or CEOs, finance managers, CFOs, controllers, accountants, and bookkeepers can use Jet Reports Financials! Organizations of virtually any size, in any industry, can benefit from eliminating manual reporting practices and adding flexibility, automation, and accuracy to their financial reports, directly inside of Excel, with Jet Reports Financials.

To purchase a license for Jet Reports Financials, contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner. They will provision a subscription through their Partner Center account.

Your Business Central administrator will first install the Jet Reports Financials app into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft AppSource. Once that is complete, you will be able to download and install the Jet Reports Financials Microsoft Excel add-in directly from your Dynamics 365 web client.

Jet Reports Financials is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Essential and Premium packages,and requires locally installed versions of Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. Since both Dynamics 365 “Full Users” and “Team Member Users” have read access to Dynamics 365 data, either user type can run reports with Jet Reports Financials.

Jet Reports Financials utilizes intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to help users quickly and easily build financial statements. For example, users can drag any combination of their chart of accounts from Dynamics 365 Business Central, using the Jet Reports Financials interface, directly into an Excel spreadsheet to produce a report that displays balance and budget amounts that can be filtered by date and dimensions.

Jet Reports Financials supports reporting from the General Ledger only.

Yes, there are a collection of adaptable report templates covering a wide variety of financial reports, including Executive Overview, Income Statement – Actual Comparisons, Expenses by Dimensions, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, Trial Balances, and more. These are a great way to get started immediately! Each template contains a step-by-step tutorial on how to connect to your chart of accounts and make other modifications, such as adding multiple companies or additional dimensions. You can find and download the templates from the Jet Reports Financials Help Center.

Jet Reports Financials will respect all the data security settings that have been configured in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Report users will only see data they have permissions to view.

The Jet Global Help Center has a section dedicated to the Jet Reports Financials solution, with video tutorials and how-to articles. You may also enroll in our free, comprehensive Jet Reports Financials eLearning course.

Any questions not answered by our articles and videos in the Jet Reports Help Center can be addressed by requesting support at .

Jet Reports Financials allows for operationally critical financial reporting capability that is not included with Dynamics 365 Business Central out-of-the-box, such as:

  • Reporting from any number of dimensions and companies for departmental and entity consolidations.
  • Complete Excel integration, formatting, calculations (external input), and graphing that refresh dynamically with the reports.
  • Drill back/drilldown to the transactional details in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 client from the report in Excel.
  • Customizable templates in areas such as Executive Overview, Income Statement – Account Balance Comparisons,  Expenses by Dimensions, and more.

Try Jet Reports Financials inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central right now