The Costs of Manual Processes and Labor Are Adding Up

I Writing Reports

You’re Having Trouble Writing Reports in Dynamics ERP 

When you’re sending out hundreds or thousands of reports to clients every month or quarter, you need a quick and easy way to expedite reporting. The problem is, your Dynamics BPO platform isn’t built for non-technical user self-service reporting, and you’re having difficulty creating, running, and sharing these reports without wasting hours on bookkeeper labor.

I Manual Reports

Manual Data Entry is Increasing Your Cost of Labor

With the “view only” report limitations set in your Dynamics ERP system, your staff is forced to run and distribute thousands of reports manually. Not only is this a ton of lost time and energy from experienced resources spent on creating and sending the exact same report, but the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies is high. More importantly aren’t you trying to reduce your labor costs?

I Scalability

You Don’t Have the Flexibility and Scalability You Need

Business process outsourcing is all about creating efficiencies and delivering value to clients. What you don’t have right now is a fast, effective way to fix the bottlenecks that are costing you valuable time and resources – and a competitive reporting for Dynamics ERP offering that will help encourage your customers to make the transition to outsourcing.


The Subscription Offering for Automated and Scalable
Reporting for Business Process Outsourcing Firms

Improve Productivity and Reduce the Cost of Labor with Automated,
Self-Service Reporting in the Cloud

Quick to implement, Jet BPO is designed to eliminate manual processes, streamline reporting, and minimize IT and operational costs – so you can refocus your energy on value-added activities that drive services revenue.

Automatically Run and Schedule Reports

Give your staff the ability to build and distribute reports in any format they need easily.

Your team has already mastered Excel – so give them an easy-to use reporting tool directly inside Excel to simplify report writing, automate manual tasks, and improve productivity! Most customers typically see over 80% in time savings with Jet solutions.

Bpo Feature 1 Scheduler

Expedite Notice to Reader Statements Faster Than Ever Before

Deliver client reports in half the time by eliminating laborious manual processes.

Jet BPO is a dynamic, cloud-based reporting solution that frees up more time in your day by giving you the flexibility you need to produce, schedule, and deliver client reports and notice to reader statements quickly on a large scale.

Bpo Feature 2 Report

Affordable Subscription-Based Pricing

Optimize your BPO operations with a fast, scalable reporting solution in the cloud.

With a monthly billing model designed for flexibility and simplicity, Jet BPO can be implemented rapidly for a limited upfront investment and minimal risk. You can provide Jet licenses (or functionality) in conjunction with the Microsoft ERP offering in your current model.

Bpo Feature 3 Report

Risk-Free, Rapid Deployment

Give your customers seamless reporting for Dynamics ERP in hours.

Start seeing immediate savings! Designed for fast installation and instant reporting, Jet BPO provides quick time-to-value for customers running on-premise Dynamics ERP.

Bpo Feature 4 Report


Jet BPO was designed with your accounting firm in mind – to help you meet the unique reporting demands of your business process outsourcing services. We work directly with Microsoft and our trusted partners to ensure all our solutions are fully integrated and ready to work out-of-the-box.


All Jet Global solutions are built to maximize productivity. With Jet BPO, we can help you start building, automating, and scheduling reports instantly. With a flexible subscription model and a familiar Excel-based user interface, your staff can be up and running in hours.


We know you’ve got places to be and people to bill. That’s why we try to make your life easier. Jet Global offers full Help Desk support and online training, to help your team make the most out of our reporting and analytics features. We also have a very active community forum to learn from!

Customer Bio Rossmore

“After our year-end meeting, I was able to put a report together in 5 minutes and have it distributed to each of our General Managers using Jet Hub. To generate this report, it used to take days – now it only takes 10 minutes.”

Raj Patel Owner at Rossmore Management View Customer Story

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