The Big Secret to Painless Data Migration

If you are planning an ERP upgrade or new implementation, the most difficult and expensive choices you’ll face in the project will be about migrating legacy data into a new system. Should you invest in the time and money to plan, post, validate, and test all your transactional data in the new Dynamics solution, or do you leave historical transactions behind?

This white paper from the Jet data experts explains the latest thinking on how to change your business process management system, and not compromise on any of your data or introduce more risks into your ERP project – while keeping your money and your sanity.

Significantly Reduce the Costs and Dangers
to your Dynamics Implementation

Data Migration and Management

Data migration has a reputation for being difficult, time-consuming, and costly. But it shouldn’t be. Ensure success right away with a data warehouse automation and reporting environment made for Microsoft Dynamics that will seamlessly access and store all your historical data, across an unlimited number of legacy systems, and be ready in less than a day.

Automated Data Migration Success

Maintain multiple sources of legacy data in one fast, easy solution

With Jet Analytics, all best practices of data migration and management are automated through programmatically loading data into a data warehouse and reporting environment built for your new Microsoft Dynamics solution at the same time it is extracted from the legacy database. This advanced extract, transform and load (ETL) process will do up to 95% of the work for you, automatically generating SSIS scripts to move the data from the old system to the data warehouse without laborious and error-prone manual data loading processes.

Jet Analytics is designed for any upgrade or move to:

Easy Reporting and Analytics Across All Data

Take the complexity out of historical reporting for users

Jet delivers a complete reporting and analytics platform, in a familiar Excel environment. Users don’t need to know the underlying data structure in order to quickly and easily build any report they need from the new Dynamics database and across all the current, historical and legacy systems, simultaneously. Access any transactional detail, over any time period, and build powerful, robust operational reports and dashboards in minutes.

Data Migration Feature 2

Set Up Once, Migrate for Life

Never fear an ERP upgrade again

The Jet approach to data migration ensures data integrity across all of your systems indefinitely. Our data warehouse automation platform is built to grow with your business and your Microsoft Dynamics investment, so you can be free to upgrade to the latest ERP technology anytime without ever worrying about the costs and complexities of data migration again. In fact, all the reports and dashboards you build will automagically upgrade as well, without having to rewrite or record them, so there are also no report upgrade costs again, ever!

Read more about the advantages of implementing a data warehouse during your Dynamics ERP implementation here.

Data Migration Feature 3

Improve Database Speed and Performance

Improve Database Speed and Performance

By using the Jet Analytics data warehouse for your data migration, you’ll eliminate the need to store and accommodate the large volumes of historical transactions in your new ERP so you can achieve the ultimate speed and productivity. Don’t let those hundreds of thousands, sometime millions, of records slow down your new Dynamics solution out of the gate. Start clean – without having to worry about the additional size bogging it down.

Data Migration Feature 4

Developed Specifically for Microsoft Dynamics

Jet isn’t just a reporting add-on that works with Dynamics ERP, it’s a reporting add-on that was MADE for Dynamics ERP – we work directly with Microsoft. Jet Global solutions are tested and repeatedly implemented with AX, NAV and GP to work right out of the box. We know what we’re doing because we know everything about your solution – inside and out!

Flawless Execution in No Time

Jet was designed to get you up and running in hours, not weeks or months. Pre-built reports, dashboards, cubes, automated data warehousing and an intuitive design means rapid time-to-value. And by using the familiar Excel user interface, we reduce the time it takes for your staff to maximize productivity. This isn’t your typical software project – it’s fast, easy and effective.

Access to World-class Service

At Jet Global, we love what we do. In fact, you could say we’re data geeks. We know that simply giving you tools isn’t the way to truly improve your business. That’s why we have full support and training resources, including an extensive knowledgebase and an active community forum, designed to get your team up to speed quickly.

Reports for Life: 5 Reasons You Need Report Portability with your Next Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade

Deployment of a new ERP system or a version upgrade creates an expectation that you’ll gain greater flexibility in manipulating, analyzing, and reporting from the mountains of data produced by a high-powered transaction engine such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. But, few people realize that there’s more than one way to get the reporting and analytics functionality they need and maintain it from one version of Dynamics to the next.

Read this white paper to better understand how reporting contributes to the scope of your implementation and upgrade, what your options for data management and analysis are, and how to adopt the fastest, lowest cost way that best fits your needs.

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