You Need a Faster, More Efficient Way to Get Custom Business and Financial Reports

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Diving Deep into Your Data is Time-Consuming and Error-Prone

Every executive, financial manager, controller, and accountant needs to be able to see the underlying details behind the numbers they report on. To ensure accurate data is being presented from Business Central, you need to manually export and manipulate an Excel spreadsheet. This process causes duplicate work and opens the door to human error.

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Native Reporting Tools Require Technical Expertise

There’s no room for flexible report formatting, customizations, or the ability to get to all the data you need from Business Central without an experienced developer on hand. That means that every time you need to create or modify a report or dashboard, your everyday business users are forced to reach out to a partner, IT team, or expensive consultant for help.

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You Have to Manually Consolidate Financial Reports

One of the more significant limitations in Business Central, besides the number of dimensions you can report on, is the fact that you can only manage one company at a time. When it comes down to financial data consolidation across multiple sources or multiple companies, you don’t want to rely on uncontrolled spreadsheets and manual calculations.

How to Fill the Reporting Gaps in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes extensive reporting capabilities that could make a developer happy – but not necessarily the average user. Watch this SlideShare presentation for more information on what’s included, what isn’t, and how you can fill the gaps to overcome these obstacles.

Simplify Report Creation, Get Instant Analytics, and Control Fiscal Planning to Start Making Better Business Decisions - No Development Required!

Start building the business reports and dashboards you need from
Dynamics 365 Business Central immediately with the solutions from Jet Global.

Unlimited Self-Service Reporting

Create reports and dashboards in any format you need

Give any executive, manager, or employee the ability to create and run their own financial and operational reports directly inside the familiar Excel environment, without the need for complex training or external consultants. You can use any Excel functionality, extending the full reporting capability of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Get Instant Visibility into Your Business Performance

Get up and running quickly with the functionality you need from day one

Jet Global’s reporting and analytics solutions are optimized for quick time-to-value and accurate decision making. With rapid installation, a familiar Excel interface for fast adoption, flexible formatting capability, and world class support – efficiency is within reach.

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Report Portability for Life

Stop paying to update your custom reports with every Dynamics upgrade

With Jet, your reports and dashboards will automatically transition to newer versions and updates of Business Central with no interruptions. Now there is no reason to be forced into expensive report migrations that require expensive and scare technical resources or consultants. Build it once, and run it forever. That is true report freedom.

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Make Business Central Work For You

Don’t settle for data access limitations

Let us help you tap into the real reporting and analytics power behind Dynamics 365 Business Central. With the right tools in place, you can maximize your resources, improve reporting processes, and have total access to your data in any format you want.

Sample Reports:

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Streamline and Control the Budgeting Process

Cut your budgeting time in half with Jet Budgets for Business Central

Now that you’re saving time on financial and business reporting, why not optimize your resources with a better fiscal planning tool built to control the budgeting process, automate workflows and assignments, and integrate with Business Central? Finally, a budgeting solution built for small to midsize businesses that isn’t over complicated with features you don’t need, and doesn’t take months to implement.

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Reporting, BI, and Budgeting Built for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Our reporting, analytics, and budgeting tools are built specifically to work with Dynamics 365 Business Central and built to work for you. At Jet Global, we work directly with Microsoft to ensure our solutions are fully integrated and ready to work right out of the box.


Jet solutions are designed to maximize productivity. With Business Central, you get same day download and installation, pre-built templates, and an intuitive report creation design for quick time-to-value and fast user adoption.


We don’t just provide the tool - we also supply all the knowledge and resources you will ever need. Jet Global offers full services and training, an extensive Help Center available around the clock, personalized live support, and an active community forum to meet fellow users.

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