You Can’t Access Fast, Accurate Reports Across All Your Sources of Data

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Dynamics 365 isn’t Built for Getting the Data Out

As a robust ERP system, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Enterprise Edition) is developed to run your business processes in an optimal way, but not necessarily to deliver quality data, in the form of reports and dashboards, the way you need see it. With over 6,500 tables and 1700 data entities, knowing where to find the information, and how to put it together, takes specialized skills and too much time. And, the standard reports often don’t fit your needs.

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You Can’t Wait Months to See Any Value

Typical BI and reporting solutions take too long to implement, leaving you waiting months, sometimes years, to see real results. By the time you get any useful data, you already need something else and those “new” customizations seem to leave you in a never-ending implementation cycle. And while the business is evolving and making decisions today, you are waiting 97% longer to get the data you than you need to.

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Enabling Power BI is Difficult

Gaining the ability to access your business information outside core Finance and Operations is cumbersome and complicated. You have other databases, industry customizations, ISV integrations, third-party plug-ins, and bringing your data together in Power BI seems impossible. You need to deploy Power BI quickly and accurately to garner the right numbers, every time, without time-consuming, complex, and expensive processes, but you don’t see a clear path forward.

Compare Microsoft Dynamics 365 BI and Reporting Solutions

Get a comprehensive understanding of what is included in the Microsoft BI stack for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and the framework for evaluating the third-party BI providers that fill the gaps and address the challenges of native tools.

Speed Up the Time and Drive Down the Cost of
Getting the Data You Need, the Way You Need It, Right Now.

BI and reporting built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations work immediately out of the box.

Designed for Users

Create reports and dashboards in a familiar environment

Quickly and easily design reports and visually stunning dashboards inside of Excel or Power BI then access them from anywhere using a web browser. Jet Global for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition) gives you the door to all of your data to make reporting fast, accurate, and easy to use, regardless of what you need.

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Rapid Deployment, Immediate Value.

Implement quickly – not in months or years

Jet Analytics for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is the quickest way to make your data usable. Don’t wait numerous months to see results. We administer a modified agile approach to implementation so you can start seeing data fast and often, ensuring your BI and reporting solution is built for your evolving business. Customizations are 5X faster and easier than anything else in the market, making Jet the most adaptable and cost-effective solution available.

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Faster Analytics for Any Environment

Don’t let slow technology hold you back

Relying on traditional data entities and OData for reporting is slow and unreliable. Pulling any significant amount of data for reporting can take hours. Avoid laborious transfer rates and experience the fastest reporting and analytics performance with Jet Analytics whether Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is hosted, on-premise, or in the cloud.

Mobile Time To Value

Accurate Data You Can Bank on

Avoid inaccuracies that impact the bottom line

Seeing your sales trends, financial performance, market opportunities, or overall operations can help steer profitable decisions, but not if everyone is working from different numbers. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations establishes a single, consolidated, and validated system of record to report from easily – that includes historical data and multiple data sources. This ensures everyone is working together from the same, governed information to drive revenue up.

The Big Secret to Painless Data Migration

Download: The Big Secret to Painless Data Migration
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Get Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Financial Reports
and Eye-Catching Dashboards in No Time

How Long Until I’m Up and Running?

5x faster than any other solution

Scary statistics are out there – the average implementation for Business Intelligence is 12-17 months. We think that is far too long. With Jet Analytics, you can get up and running with a customized BI and reporting platform quickly. We adhere to a tailored agile approach that delivers accurate data and an easy-to-use reporting environment to people almost immediately. Our data warehouse and cube customization platform is also 5X faster and easier than anything else in the market, so your reporting and analytics can adapt quickly to changing business needs.

What’s the Burden for IT and Technical Staff?

Eliminate time-consuming tasks with advanced data warehouse automation

Jet Analytics speeds up the ability to transform and build your data structures in order to report from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. By delivering a data warehouse automation platform that supports fast changes and simplifies the ETL process, you can quickly combine data from numerous sources into a data warehouse and customizable cubes. Eliminate manual SSIS and SSAS programming and automate other technical tasks such as scripting, security, documentation, scheduled refresh, and more.

Can I See My Data the Way I Want?

Achieve both adaptability and accuracy- get reports in any format you need

Whether you want your financial reports in Excel and your operational analytics in Power BI, or any combination thereof – Jet Global's solutions delivers the flexibility to create, run and view your data the way you want and securely distribute over the web in an online collaboration portal. Leverage your existing knowledge by using Excel’s robust calculations, charting, and formatting. The options are almost limitless.

Corporate vs. Self-Serve Analytics: Which One is Better?

Huge amounts of data are being generated every second of every day. What organizations do with that data can, and will, determine their success. Corporate analytics provides robust structures and processes. Self-service analytics empowers users to freely explore concepts, ideas and patterns. Which one is right for your organization? What if you didn’t have to decide?

Download this white paper to learn more about:
• Pros & cons of corporate analytics
• Pros & cons of self-service analytics
• How organizations can use a hybrid of the two successfully
• And more…

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