You Don’t Have Time to Wait Around for Numbers

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You Just Need the Data

You’re spending too much time trying to compile market information yourself, or waiting for someone to do it for you. It’s reducing your effectiveness and your ability to bring in more sales.

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You Weren't Hired to Write Reports

You need to be empowered to make decisions and identify opportunities, but you're being held back by a complex reporting environment. Your lack of reporting skills is having a negative impact on your ability to close deals or make decisions that drive revenue.

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You're a Perpetual Squeaky Wheel

If you are constantly pestering the IT or finance team to get the information you need, you’re reducing everyone’s productivity and becoming an annoyance. No one wants to be that person. It shouldn’t be so hard to get the data.

Immediate Access to the Numbers You Need with Flexible Sales & Marketing Dashboards

Jet offers self-service ad-hoc reporting and dashboard solutions that are easy for sales and marketing teams to use and provide rapid time-to-value.

What’s Our Profitability by Product Line?

Know instantly which product line to focus your sales and marketing efforts on in order to reach that target revenue increase while still maintaining a minimum profit margin.

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Which Sales Team Member Performed the Best?

Competition drives performance. Sales team members can know where they stand any time of the quarter, month, week or day – and managers can know where to look for improvement.

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Which Customers Are the Most Profitable?

It’s important to understand your customers in order to identify where efforts should go and gauge how your business is doing. Lifetime value. Sales by Customer. Profitability by Customer. Make sure you’re spending quality time with who and what matter to drive your best bottom line.

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Customers Also Bought?

Be able to act like the biggest, most successful companies out there – easily pull numbers to identify trends of customers who “bought X also bought Y” in order to quickly adapt marketing, increase engagement and widen the customer net.

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Developed Specifically for Microsoft Dynamics

Jet isn’t just a reporting add-on that works with Dynamics ERP, it’s a reporting add-on that was MADE for Dynamics ERP – we work directly with Microsoft. Jet Global solutions are tested and repeatedly implemented with AX, NAV and GP to work right out of the box. We know what we’re doing because we know everything about your solution – inside and out!

Flawless Execution in No Time

Jet was designed to get you up and running in hours, not weeks or months. Pre-built reports, dashboards, cubes, automated data warehousing and an intuitive design means rapid time-to-value. And by using the familiar Excel user interface, we reduce the time it takes for your staff to maximize productivity. This isn’t your typical software project – it’s fast, easy and effective.

Access to World-class Service

At Jet Global, we love what we do. In fact, you could say we’re data geeks. We know that simply giving you tools isn’t the way to truly improve your business. That’s why we have full support and training resources, including an extensive knowledge base and an active community forum, designed to get your team up to speed quickly.

Cash in on BI: How to Build Revenue Driving KPIs from Dynamics

Key Performance Indicators are vital for every business, but are you defining and measuring yours effectively? Can you easily determine what activities affect sales or customer satisfaction, and how and when to adapt your measures and adjust if predictions and results aren’t accurate?

Many people don’t know how to best use the power of the KPI for Microsoft Dynamics

Download this white paper and learn:

• Exactly what a KPI is, and what it’s supposed to be
• How to identify and define your KPIs correctly
• How to use KPIs effectively to drive business forward
• And more!

Over 219,150 Business Professionals Use Jet for Their Reporting Needs

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“The savings across the business, from a BI perspective, is too large to realistically calculate. The whole organization is using Jet.”

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